Can fuses control high voltage short circuit current?

2023-11-25 14:53:18 曙熔

Circuit devices used in cities today mainly include circuit contactors, circuit detection devices, circuit protection devices, etc. The common combination of these devices enables the normal operation and stable transmission of power to every household in the current circuit. When it comes to current circuits, the layout in cities can be said to be irregular. Due to the city's own line problems and urban architecture, the overall layout of circuits in each city is different. Although there are certain rules and regulations in circuit layout, due to different external factors, the overall circuit layout is different, but the purpose is the same, which is to ensure the stable operation of the circuit in the city. Among them, circuit protectors such as high-voltage fuses and circuit breakers play a vital role. Here we will introduce the main features of high-voltage fuses that we are familiar with.

In today's circuits, the function of high-voltage fuses is to prevent the load current and short-circuit current in the circuit from passing normally, because these currents cause damage to the circuit itself. When a certain section of the circuit is short-circuited, this device will generate heat and break the internal fuse, which plays a role in protecting the circuit.

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